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Announcing: Dynamic Data Masking for Fabric Warehouse and Lakehouse SQL Endpoint

In today’s ever-evolving world of data management, security is a paramount concern for organizations. We are committed to providing our customers with robust solutions that empower them to safeguard their data effectively. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) for Fabric Warehouse and SQL Endpoint in Lakehouse!

What is Dynamic Data Masking (DDM)?

Dynamic Data Masking is a powerful security feature that enables organizations to protect sensitive data while preserving the functionality of their applications. DDM allows you to define masking rules for specific columns in your database, ensuring that sensitive information is never exposed in its raw form to unauthorized users or applications.

With DDM, you can maintain data privacy and confidentiality without altering your core data structure or application logic.

Key Benefits of Dynamic Data Masking:

  1. Enhanced Data Security: DDM ensures that sensitive data remains concealed from unauthorized users, minimizing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.
  2. No Application Changes: Implementing DDM does not require any modifications to your existing applications. It seamlessly integrates with your Fabric Warehouse and SQL Endpoint, providing data protection without disrupting your operations.
  3. Fine Grained Control:  You have full control over which columns are masked and who can access unmasked data. DDM allows you to tailor masking rules to your specific security and privacy needs.

Getting Started

Getting started with DDM is easy and straightforward. You don’t need any special permission to create a table with a dynamic data mask, only the standard CREATE TABLE and ALTER on schema permissions. Our documentation and support resources are readily available to assist you in implementing Dynamic Data Masking in your Fabric Warehouse environment. We provide you with a rich set of functions for your masking needs, for both numeric and string fields.


We understand the critical importance of data security. With the introduction of Dynamic Data Masking for Fabric Warehouse and SQL Endpoint in Lakehouse, we offer you the tools you need to protect your sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and continue to innovate with confidence.

We invite you to explore the power of Dynamic Data Masking and discover how it can transform your data security strategy.

Get started with Dynamic Data Masking today, and take your data security to the next level. You can read up on the official documentation or test it out for yourself with this how-to guide!

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