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Lakehouse vs Data Warehouse vs Real-Time Analytics/KQL Database: Deep Dive into Use Cases, Differences, and Architecture Designs

With the general availability of Microsoft Fabric this past Ignite, there are a lot of questions centered around the functionality of each component but more importantly, what architecture designs and solutions are best for analytics in Fabric. Specifically, how your data estate for analytics data warehousing/reporting will change or differ from existing designs and how to choose the right path moving forward. This article will be focused on helping you understand the differences between the Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse, Fabric solution designs, warehouse/lakehouse use cases, and to get the best of both Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse.

The Art of Data warehouse recovery within Microsoft Fabric

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, data warehouses play a pivotal role in storing and processing vast volumes of data. This enables organizations to derive meaningful insights and make well-informed data driven decisions. The necessity for a quick and reliable data warehouse recovery solution becomes increasingly crucial to not only safeguard against data corruption … Continue reading “The Art of Data warehouse recovery within Microsoft Fabric”

Announcing: Automatic Log Checkpointing for Fabric Warehouse

We are excited to announce automatic log checkpointing for Data Warehouses! One of our goals with the Data Warehouse is automate as much as possible to make it easier and cheaper for you to build and use them. This means you will be spending your time on adding and gaining insights from your data instead … Continue reading “Announcing: Automatic Log Checkpointing for Fabric Warehouse”

Microsoft Fabric, explained for existing Synapse users

Earlier this year, at Microsoft Build, we introduced, in Public Preview, Microsoft Fabric, “the biggest data product announcement since SQL Server”. Today, we are announcing the General Availability of Microsoft Fabric. Arun explains in detail why we all believe Microsoft Fabric will redefine the current analytics landscape. I will focus here on what it means … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric, explained for existing Synapse users”

Microsoft Fabric November 2023 update

Welcome to the November 2023 update.   We have lots of features this month including Narrative visual with Copilot, cross workspace “save as” for Data Factory, the general availability of Semantic model scale-out, and many more. Continue reading for more details on our new features!    Contents Core Microsoft Fabric User API Power BI Reporting Button … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric November 2023 update”