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Fabric Changing the game – OneLake integration

This blog is part of a series of posts covering many aspects of Fabric. The first was a translation of some posts written for Synapse as a PaaS in which I exported data from an SQLDB into the Data Lake using parquet file format, and now I translated them to be reused in Fabric as … Continue reading “Fabric Changing the game – OneLake integration”

Table Clone in warehouse within Microsoft Fabric

In the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence and data-driven advancements, data warehouses play a pivotal role. They serve as a backbone for efficient data management and serve as catalysts for enabling transformative capabilities. The challenges associated with data management multiples with growth in volume and complexity of data. Safeguarding data integrity, while also providing … Continue reading “Table Clone in warehouse within Microsoft Fabric”

Microsoft Fabric changing the game: Exporting data and building the Lakehouse

I plan to develop a post series covering Fabric from an end-to-end perspective. As part of this series, I will incorporate some scripts that were initially developed for the Synapse experience on Fabric. The purpose of reusing these scripts is to demonstrate how easily you can implement the same logic you already have in your Synapse environment in various scenarios.