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Copilot in Fabric (preview) is available worldwide 

During November 2023, we unveiled the public preview of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. This preview includes Copilot for Power BI, Data Factory and Data Science & Data Engineering. Since then, we have been gradually rolling this feature out and today, we are excited to announce that our Copilot preview is now available to all customers!

With the Copilot preview, Microsoft Fabric brings an improved way to transform, enrich and analyze data, and shortens the time to insights.

Our current preview includes: 

  • Copilot for Data Science and Data Engineering, offers intelligent code completion, automates routine tasks, and provides industry-standard code templates to simplify the process of building robust data pipelines and crafting complex analytical models.   
  • Copilot for Data Factory, provides intelligent Mashup code generation to transform data using natural language input and generates code explanations to help you better understand previously generated complex queries and tasks. 
  • Copilot for Power BI, which enables you to automatically create reports by selecting a report topic or prompting Copilot on a particular topic and create a narrative visual that summarizes your report using generative AI.   

To access the Copilot in Fabric, you must have a paid SKUs (F64 or higher, or P1 or higher) with capacity available in the following Fabric regions. The Fabric Copilot preview is not available on trial SKUs.

How to enable Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

Before you can use Copilot in Fabric, your tenant administrator needs to enable Copilot. This can be done with a new tenant setting group, “Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service (preview)”, in the admin portal.

Since December 2023, we shipped a new feature that allows tenant admins to enable AI and Copilot in Fabric for specific security groups in addition to the entire organization. This means that Copilot can now be tailored to the needs of different groups within your organization. More granular AI and Copilot setting on Capacity level is coming. 

Fabric Copilot is powered by Azure Open AI large language models and are currently deployed to limited data centers. As of January 2024, if your data is located outside of the US or France, the Copilot preview will be disabled by default unless your Tenant administrator enables the “Data sent to Azure OpenAI can be processed outside your tenant’s geographic region, compliance boundary, or national cloud instance” tenant setting. To learn how to get to the tenant settings, see About tenant settings

We look forward to your feedback about Copilot in Microsoft Fabric! Please don’t hesitate to let us know how Copilot helps you and how you would like to see Copilot improve.

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Copilot in Fabric (preview) is available worldwide 

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