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Fabric Warehouse user experience updates

Today, we are excited to share a list of user experience features that we’ve shipped within Fabric Warehouse during the month of Nov 2023, to help drive productivity and simplify the experience. The following are the list of features:

  • Clone table user experience
  • Save as view/table in Visual query editor
  • Endorsement
  • Sample loading experience enhancements
  • Viewers/shared recipients can save queries

The rest of the blog describes each of these features in greater detail.

Clone table experience (Coming soon)

Earlier, we added support for Clone tables in Fabric warehouse via T-SQL, which lets you to clone the table as of current or previous point in time. We are thrilled to share with you that we have added a simple intuitive experience within the Warehouse editor to clone tables. You can create the clone of table as of current state or previous point in time with just a few clicks. You can also select multiple tables to create respective clones, using a single action by using Clone tables context menu within Tables in the Object explorer.

For more information, check out the documentation: Clone tables in the Fabric portal – Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn

Save as view/table in Visual query editor

We now provide the ability to save a visual query as a view and results of query as a table within the Fabric warehouse Visual query editor! The Visual query editor enables citizen developers with an easy visual interface to write queries against the data in your Warehouse or Lakehouse SQL endpoint. Once you have the data analyzed and would like to save your query as a view or save query results as a table for future use, you can use Save as view to create a view or Save as table menu to create a table in a few clicks. You only need to select the schema and provide an object name. You don’t have to worry about the syntax for writing a view definition or loading results into the table. This simplified experience helps you to quickly create a view or table which you can use in your data analysis.

For more information, check out the documentation: Query using the visual query editor – Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn


Organizations often have large amounts of data assets for sharing and reuse and it can be really challenging for users to find high quality trustworthy data. To solve this problem, Fabric allows organizations to endorse items to highlight data assets that they think are valuable and meets the organization’s quality standards. We now provide the ability for organizations to promote or certify a Warehouse or Lakehouse SQL analytics endpoint. Any item owner or member with write permissions can endorse an item, while select group of reviewers can certify items. You can choose to endorse Warehouse, SQL analytics endpoint of Lakehouse, Semantic model(default) or Lakehouse independently.

Sample loading experience enhancements

To easily get started with your Warehouse, we already provide a sample to ingest data. We have now improved the Sample loading experience by giving you more details, every step along the way such as creating tables, copying sample data to your warehouse, creating views etc. Furthermore, we have made updates in the loading pattern which gives you blazing fast performance to load sample data.

For more information, check out the documentation: Create a Warehouse sample – Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn

Viewers and shared recipients can save queries

Users who are assigned to “Viewer” role within a Fabric workspace have read access to query the user tables and views within the Warehouse. Previously, viewers and shared recipients (users with whom a Warehouse was shared with readData permissions), couldn’t save their queries within the Warehouse or SQL analytics endpoint of Lakehouse. We now provide the ability for viewers and shared recipients to save their queries within ‘My queries’ folder.

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