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New Easy-to-Use Expression Builder Experience for Fabric Data Factory Pipelines

We are always working on making the experience of building low-code data pipelines as easy as possible for our customers. Next week, we are going to roll-out a new experience in the Script activity in Fabric Data Factory pipelines to make it even easier to build expressions using the pipeline expression language.

Now, when you add a Script activity to your pipeline and need to write a pipeline expression, just click on the text box or on the “Add dynamic content” button highlighted in the red box below.

We’ve made expression editing easier in Fabric pipelines

You can add dynamic content here like pipeline functions, variables, parameters, etc. just like you have been doing already in Fabric and Azure Data Factory (ADF).

New expression editor experience

If you would prefer to work with the underlying expression code inside the box, you can click on “View in expression builder” to view and edit the actual expression code as before:

Please be sure to give us your feedback in the comments on these updates to expression builder experience in the Script activity. We would like to consider adding this experience to other pipeline activities as well based on your feedback. Thank you!

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