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Semantic Link: OneLake integrated Semantic Models

Semantic Link adds support for the recently released OneLake integrated semantic models! You can now directly access data using your semantic model’s name via OneLake using the read_table function and the new mode parameter set to onelake. This approach ensures that no load is placed on Analysis Services, enabling efficient data retrieval and avoids putting additional load on your Power BI capacity.

Optimized access of OneLake integrated semantic models

When using the onelake mode, the data is read directly from the delta tables in OneLake, which are kept up to date with the semantic model. This enables seamless access to the data for various data consumers without the need for additional ETL pipelines or data copying. Here’s a code snippet using the read_table function with onelake mode to read the customer table in the Adventure Works semantic model:

Programmatic export of data can be triggered using the new execute_tmsl function. This Python function allows you to run Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL) commands to export the data from your semantic model. Please note that XMLA read/write needs to be enabled for the semantic model.

Here’s a code snippet for triggering the programmatic export using the execute_tmsl:

Don’t miss out on the power of semantic link in Microsoft Fabric! Leverage the seamless integration between semantic models and Synapse Data Science to unlock the full potential of your data.

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