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What’s New in Eventstream: Enhanced UX on Event Processor and Expanded Custom App Connections

Eventstream is a streaming platform in Fabric that allows you to capture, transform, and route real-time events using a no-code editor. Our recent updates, focused on enhancing efficiency and user experience, include UX improvements on the no-code Event Processor and expanding the Custom App connection strings to other protocols such as Kafka and AMQP. In this blog, we’ll show you how to add an event processor and custom app to your Eventstream, making the most of these recent enhancements.

Enhanced User Experience in Event Processor

Eventstream’s Event Processor enables you to effortlessly design event processing logics for your data streams using a user-friendly, no-code editor. You can leverage its powerful temporal functions to process events in real time before they reach various Fabric destinations. Our latest UX improvements in the Event Processor now provide intuitive experience, allowing you to effortlessly add or delete operations on the canvas.

After you add a destination to the Eventstream such as Lakehouse, you can open the event processor and choose one of the following methods to insert operations:

1. Insert an operation via the connection line. Hover your mouse over the connection line between the Eventstream and the Lakehouse destination, select the “+” button to expand the drop-down menu. 

2. Insert an operation via ribbon or canvas. Select the “Operations” button in the ribbon and choose a stream operation.

If the Eventstream is not connected to a destination, you can hover your mouse over it and select the “+” button to add a new operation.

For comprehensive instructions on designing event processors, you can refer to the detailed documentation here: Process event data with the event processor editor – Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn.

New Custom App Connections and Sample Java Code

The custom app feature allows your applications or Kafka clients to seamlessly connect to Eventstream using a connection string, enabling the smooth ingestion of streaming data into or from Eventstream. Our latest update introduces new custom app connections, giving you more flexibility when it comes to bringing your data streams into Eventstream.

Once you’ve added a Custom App to your Eventstream, you can choose from Eventhub, AMQP and Kafka protocols for streaming data into or from Eventstream. The provided Sample Java code shows you how to send or receive events using these different protocols. You can copy and paste the code into your application, initiating the streaming of data into Eventstream.

For more details on how to add a custom app to your Eventstream, follow the guide here: Add and manage eventstream destinations – Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn


Through these enhancements, Eventstream focuses on flexibility and ease of use, aiming to revolutionize the way you ingest and process real-time event data in Fabric. Try out Eventstream today and start streaming your data into Fabric. We firmly believe that Eventstream will not only fulfill your data processing necessities but also meet your data analytics needs.

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