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Create multiple shortcuts faster and easier

Microsoft OneLake provides a single unified storage location for all your data analytics needs. Whether your data is stored directly in OneLake or through other storage accounts, all your data is accessible through OneLake. Microsoft OneLake makes this possible through a virtualization layer called Shortcuts. Shortcuts in OneLake allow you to reference different storage locations … Continue reading “Create multiple shortcuts faster and easier”

Delta-RS introduces native support for OneLake 

Delta-RS, the native Rust library for DeltaLake, now supports OneLake, enabling partners to directly manage their lakehouses in OneLake using Delta-RS!  As the single data lake for all Fabric tenants, it is imperative that OneLake enables organizations to use their tool, language, and package of choice to manage their data.  This is especially true for … Continue reading “Delta-RS introduces native support for OneLake “

Fabric Change the Game: Exploring the data

Microsoft Fabric offers a set of different tools to explore and prepare the data for analysis and from that perspective, notebooks have become one of the quickest ways to get started with data exploration. This post draws its inspiration from the world of experimentation, exploration, and seamless integration into Microsoft Fabric- Data Science in Microsoft … Continue reading “Fabric Change the Game: Exploring the data”

OneLake file explorer: easy access to open workspaces and items online

With the latest OneLake file explorer v1.0.10.0 (download here), you can now seamlessly transition from browsing your OneLake data in Windows File Explorer to accessing it in the online Fabric portal.  Perhaps you are using OneLake file explorer to upload data that you want to analyze in a Fabric Notebook.  After uploading the data, you can … Continue reading “OneLake file explorer: easy access to open workspaces and items online”

Microsoft OneLake adds shortcut support to Power Platform and Dynamics 365

Microsoft OneLake is the OneDrive for data providing a single, unified data lake as a service for your entire organization. While OneLake provides a location to store data, shortcuts can virtualize data that you have stored elsewhere into OneLake even if that data resides in another cloud. With shortcuts, data will appear in OneLake as … Continue reading “Microsoft OneLake adds shortcut support to Power Platform and Dynamics 365”